Pens By Ken

Choose from a variety of patterns to fit your needs. From formal, to casual, to sport, you can find the exact pen to fit your life and coordinate with your style. I make more than pens and can create puzzles, toys, and utensils for your enjoyment.

My pens are made with internal components by Penn State, Woodworker Supply and Klingspor.  Depending on design the refill may be Cross, Parker, or Mont Blanc.  Pens are warranteed for life, (mine that is, if I am gone it is a collectible) 

Each of the items I make is individually crafted from salvaged materials.  The item will not be perfect in that uniqueness is a deviation from perfection and my ideas, pens, puzzles and creations are definitely unique.

Engineering Marvels

Elegant Designs

Exquisite Craftsmanship

It’s not a pen, it’s a writing instrument